So the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival is Oct 15-16th! I am looking to go with the boy (as seen in picture from last year) and a friend. Going to stop by the Ravelry meet up. It would be cool to meet new people! Last year I just got a free button and left because I was too shy to introduce myself to anyone. Anyone on Tumblr looking to be there?

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  1. lightandtexture answered: I will have to decide if I can stand the inconvenience of getting there via public transportation. Would love to go though.
  2. funwithplantingplans answered: Ah I so wanted to go to this but I already had plans for that weekend! It looks like so much fun! Have a great time!
  3. cheshirealicat answered: Absolutely! I have a yarn-shopping list, fellow yarners, and hand-knits at the ready…
  4. searchingforshenglong answered: and this year i gots a tumblr
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